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SMSC - Blade Server - we use the top end blade servers for our SMSC solutions
SMSC Solutions
Operator Solutions
An SMSC is the center of all messaging activities in a mobile network. It's essential to have a high-performance SMSC which can handle both person to person and application to person messages. Its the SMSC which sends the SMS to the routed recipient and manages the whole cycle of an SMS. The SMSC is also in charge of storing the messages which arent received by an end user due to the phone not available to the network, maybe because of the fact that it got switched off or it has dropped off the network. The SMSC at this time stores the messages and retries to deliver the message once the particular mobile is active in the network.
Virtual Mobile Number Solutions
Operator/Enterprise Solutions
Virtual Mobile numbers can come in handy for large businesses in more than one way. Virtual Mobile Numbers are just like any other Mobile Number. It's a 1 Digita Number which can be routed to a telephone line and terminated at a telephone. These Virtual Numbers are capable of handle huge surges of volumes in calls and manage them well.
These Virtual Mobile Numbers can also track calls originating from Digital Space like Websites and Social MEdia Sites. Better Management of leads in such a way means that you are in turn boosting your Business and that in turn means more ROI. One amazing thing about Virtual Mobile Numbers are that they arent tied to one single Phone. Any call originating to your Virtual Number can be routed to a predetermined phone. This means that your business can have your customers handled around the clock without using multiple numbers based on availability of service personnel
cloud telephony
Voice Cloud Telephony
Enterprise Solutions
Cloud Telephony takes all your Business Phone systems on to a Cloud. the most amazing aspect of Cloud telephony is that it enables your business to handle a huge volume of calls and SMS's as well as manage, receive and send them simultaneously. Another aspect which makes Cloud Telephony so exciting is the fact that it can be scaled easier and faster than a normal Telephone system.
Our Cloud Telephony services are designed in such way that you would be able to use if for your whole workforce with much ease. Immense capabilties to be a great tool in marketing while keeping your customer's privacy and business data intact
SMS Firewall
Operator/Enterprise Solutions
SMS Firewalls give you Total Control over the Traffic. A stringent check over what messages are allowed and what are not, makes managing Messaging Businesses a breeze. Our fireall solutions help Operators, aggregators and Enterprises to have this Total Control.
Together with being in control over the message, Firewalls also give you protection from unwarranted access and security threats like hacking attacks and intrutions. Our solutions on Security and SMS Firewalls are managed ina way that the deployments are streamlined to your requirements, and that the firewall is audited and upgraded. This makes you be in the forefront of Managed services.
Operator/Enterprise Solutions
RBT-Ring Back tone or CRBT is an Operator-enabled special feature in which the user can play a piece of music instead of the normal ringing tone when a placed call starts ringing. This facility allows the user to set a certain kind of mood when the call starts ringing and the caller hears music instead of ring tone. RBT/CRBT has advantage as being marketing vehicle as well as being a short entertainment bite.
RBT/CRBT's are also a revenue-generating mechanism for both the operator and content creators. This win-win for all gives it a certain Edge. Our CRBT solutions are designed to make the most from this very interesting ecosystem.
Bulk Messaging Platform
Enterprise Solutions
Bulk Messaging is a tried and tested Marketing Tool which has shown success, more than many other digital Marketing Mediums. The fact that SMS has stood the test of time emphasizes the fact that it is good for ROI. Unlike other mediums, SMS's need to be managed at the level of propagation. That's where Bulk Messaging Platforms come in. An efficient and intuitive Platform gives you a huge advantage when it comes to engaging customers.
Our Bulk Messaging platform is one of the most efficient and stable in the industry. They handle close to 12000000 messages a day without ever hitting their peaks. this makes it one of the most reliable and efficient Bulk Messaging plantforms around.
bulk sms and voice call