The AlertBox

An amazing group of people building some pretty amazing things.

The current Business & Technology Landscape demands that Businesses be on the forefront of Technology and on their toes when it comes to competition. That's why we at ALERTBOX have nurtured an attitude of bringing in the best of the best from the industry, and always stay updated. This means the best in the industry is taking care of your business, and the solutions we offer are state of the art and World Class

Started in 2004 Technopark, Kerala, India.

User customized messaging solutions.

largest in the country with over 350,000 registered Users.

Delivering almost 500 Million text messages every month.

Helping enterprises achieve business goals.

Multi Operator routing and Data Security.

Our Office


Our custom-designed Bangalore office occupies a modern suite in the River North area near the Loop. Two rows of wooden columns span the length of the space with exposed wooden joists across the width of the 17-foot ceiling, and two floor-to-ceiling video walls display critical company metrics and dashboards.

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We are creating one tool to help anyone visualize ideas. We are looking for the right person; highly motivated, willing to go the extra mile and believes in our vision.