2-Way Messaging

Engage customers with interactive messages

2-way Messaging incorporates both sending and receiving messages through cloud-based platform in a short timeframe. It gives you the complete flexibility in managing incoming messages and provide an instant platform to run your campaigns successfully.

Two way messaging is possible with the help of short codes. These are codes that are embedded in the text messages sent to the customer and help the customer to reply to the messages.

Change the way your customers communicate

Shared Number

Enable businesses to send and receive messages by configuring specific keywords on a shared short/long code. Track responses and get detailed information about customer mobile number, message status etc. by choosing the specific keywords.

Dedicated Number

Use unlimited keywords and reach your target audience via a dedicated short/long code number. Improve brand recognition by sending and receiving messages from the same number time and again.


Manage incoming customer requests, queries and replies on your CRM, Application or on any other platform through a Trigger Log. The trigger log will also keep a count on all the keywords used in your interactive messages with Count Log.

Detailed reports

Get a detailed report ranging up to the last six months for both Short Code and Long code numbers that were used to trigger a campaign. Further filter the reports based on Keywords used in the messages.

Subscriber management

Automate opt-in/opt-out through easy two-way reply. Manage subscribers smartly by gathering information through surveys, feedbacks etc. on your marketing campaigns.

Smart auto response

Stay worry-free with our automated backend logic. Configure smart auto responses with keyword or numbers and keep your customers engaged.

How does Our 2-Way Messaging benefit's your business?

Features of 2-Way Messaging Solution

Short code are significantly short telephone numbers which are designed to provide ease to remember telephone numbers as well as to increase readability. These are 5 or 6 digit virtual number on which any private call can not be made as they as used to address SMS or MMS, featured deal or news from a particular service provider company to customers, employees or business firms. Short code provides great and secure accessibility of database as the information is quickly fetched when needed

Very useful in exchange of SMS or MMS in bulk form one to one or one to many notification burst.

Built with better application logic of delivery status.

High throughput as 30 SMS can be send per second.

Can be useful in gathering the data.

For the audience it saves time and money

Can integrated with other platforms for marketing of your products and services.