Voice Solutions

Make Your Voice Heard!

Crafted with attention to detail our voice solutions deliver the best user experience by employing the most advanced and scalable voice APIs.

The most simple and user-friendly interface to communicate your ideas with the audience of your choice.

Build memorable call experiences

Interactive Voice Response

IVR helps you gauge the customer response of an outbound campaign as well as segregate the customers based on the prompts received over phone. It can be employed on inbound calling for queue management as well.

Outbound Dialer

The simplest way to automatically transmit your audio messages – promotions, OTPs, informative content, requests etc. – to a selected list of customers with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Click 2 Call

Give your website visitors the option to connect with you directly by clicking a link. Click 2 call works by initiating a voice call to the customer’s number upon clicking a link and it helps making the website more interactive and responsive than before.

Missed Call Solutions

A unique number is assigned to which the customers can give a missed call and receive a call back or an SMS in return. Cost effective for the customer and hot leads for businesses.

SMS 2 Call

Customers can drop an SMS to a specified number and receive a call back mostly with recorded information on content requested by SMS.

Call Masking

Ideal solution for call centers wherein the customer’s privacy / identity is protected even when they connect with your agents but without revealing their phone number.

How does Our Voice Solutions benefit your business?

Features and advantages of Voice Solution

No Set up Cost as no special equipments or additional technology needed.

No Language Barrier as recorded content can be in any language to suit your and your customer’s convenience.

Prompt delivery with detailed reports including duration of call received.

Schedule calls to suit your convenience.

Detailed reporting with real-time analytics accessible from your dashboard.

Unlimited channels allowing you to make multiple calls at the same time during a particular campaign.

Voice Call API allows seamless integration with any application of your choice.

Developer support, Free Plug-in and White-label panel for Resellers.