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The Short Message Service center or SMSC is responsible for routing and regulating the SMS operations of a wireless network. When an SMS message is sent from a mobile phone or an application it first reaches an SMSC that will then forward the SMS message to the destination. An SMS message may need to pass through more than one network entity before reaching the destination.

The main duty of an SMSC is to route SMS messages and regulate the process. SMSCs also store SMS messages if a recipient is unavailable until the mobile is available and message is sent to it. It also maintains the time stamp of text messages. This ensures that delivery of messages is guaranteed.

SMSC Services

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Features of SMSC as a Solution

A2P messaging is fast evolving than its counterpart P2P messaging and it’s role and effectiveness in the future development of most modern technologies is very crucial and ever growing. Hence the messaging forefront has been experiencing immense advancement technologically over the last decade and SMSCs in the same manner has been continually evolving to meet the growing need of the messaging industry.

Mobile Network Interface Ready

TCP/IP Client Server Protocol Support


User Friendly Interface

System Performance Monitoring

Message Filtering

Billing System Interface

Flexible Routing Capability

Multiple SMS Encoding Support

Message Throttling Capability

Configurable Retry & Re-route Mechanism

Account Based Profile Settings

Local SMSC Timestamp