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Frequently Asked Questions !


AlertBox is an Enterprise Messaging Platform and lets you connect with your customers over multiple channels. Send promotional campaigns to boost your business, transactional alerts and OTPs to your customers using SMS, Voice and Email channels. An easy to use interface, wide range of integration options across APIs and SMPP, convenient Mobile App for monitoring and personal communication, AlertBox lets you stay on top of your Business Messaging needs.


You will get a secured user account with the login URL, username, and password when you create an account. Login to your account, compose a message, enter/upload mobile numbers, and click on send button to start delivering messages.


Other services that we can assist you with include premium rate messages, Voice call, Email, Longcode/Shortcode.
Visit our Service Section from our website


Yes,Through our userfriendly mobile app you can easily send messages across the world.
Download our Alertbox mobile App from google play store and get started.


SMS has incomparable open and read rates: A 98% open rate and a 90% read rate within the first three minutes. It is because of these numbers that make SMS a crucial marketing tool.


Yes AlertBox supports binary/unicode messaging and supports all regional languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Arabic, Punjabi etc. Sign up Now to start messaging your customers in their choice of language.


AlertBox supports transactional, promotional and OTP traffic for International SMS delivery through SMPP, API and our web dashboard. AlertBox delivers to more than 185 countries globally. Please contact Sales today for our coverage and best pricing.


No, AlertBox has a single login dashboard for domestic and international A2P SMS. You can create SMPP accounts or use the available APIs to connect to AlertBox and send messages to your customers anywhere in the world.


Just register on All you need is a domain/website to be pointed to our ip address. If you don’t have a website, we’ll happy to set up one for you. Contact Sales today to set up your Bulk SMS Reseller Account with AlertBox.


AlertBox has one of the widest Reseller networks in the country and our White Labelled Panel is easiest to set up and most user friendly. You can user our White Labelled Platform to resell our widest range of Messaging Services across Bulk SMS, Bulk Email, Bulk Voice Calls, International SMS, Short Code, Long Code, Missed Call Numbers, Call Patching, Call Masking, IVR and much more. Our white labelled panel is completely customisable letting you rename the pages, buttons, custom colour choices and much more. Contact Sales and get a Free Demo of Our White Labelled Reseller Panel today!


You can upload voice files to AlertBox either through File Upload, Text to Speech or use the Voice Recorder feature on our Mobile App. Text to Speech Supports English and Hindi. Files uploaded from the dashboard should be in MP3 format.


DLT stands for Distributed Ledger Technology, and is part of the new Block Chain Enabled UCC control mechanism introduced by TRAI as part of the TCCPR 2018. These regulations mandate every business involved in sending SMS to the public, register their respective headers (Sender IDs) and Templates with the Telecom Operators. Head over to any of the Operator DLT platforms or contact us for any assistance on DLT registration/migration. You need to upload KYC documents and all Headers and Templates are subject to approval by the Telecom Operators.


An OTP SMS carries time critical information and at AlertBox we are committed to ensuring the quickest delivery for your OTPs, delivering the SMS within 5 seconds on most instances.


You can click on the forgot password on our website/app and reset the password by validating your registered mobile number. Please write to us on Support@alertbox for any further issues related to your password.


Push notifications are sent through an app to users who have your app, and have opted in to receive notifications. For SMS, an app is not needed. That also means that far more people can receive SMS notifications — not all smartphones can download specific apps, but the vast majority of smartphones can receive texts.


SMS allows marketers to use an “owned” direct channel to reach users, rather than relying on a third-party app. For each Like SMS, messaging through Facebook or WhatsApp comes with a cost, but it also means they own your relationship with the consumer.


There are many ways to use SMS to fill some crucial needs in a marketing stack — particularly if you don’t have an app, or if your app isn’t working as well as you wish it were as a direct messaging channel. It’s also a great channel for immediacy (to deliver important, time-sensitive notification), to increase reach (especially for those app-less consumers), and to foster loyalty (texts can make the relationship between brands and consumers personal). Alertbox’s SMS strategists can help your band find the best way to get the most ROI from SMS.


We support several Countries in both inbound and outbound SMS depending on the service being used. You can confirm the SMS pricing for each country by contacting your Account Manager for the rate card applicable to your account.


If you are logged in to the website, all you need to do to buy credits is click on the link labeled "Buy Credits." You will be taken to our secure payment server. You will be asked to fill out a short form. Your payment will be processed and the credits will be added to your account instantaneously.


There are 4 ways you can make a payment by using a credit card, through DD/CQ, by cash and through Fund transfer.


Login to our website and Click on “Transactions”. You will receive comprehensive details of transactions till date.


A long code is a standard phone number that is ten digits long. Although it is longer, there are benefits, such as a shorter time to market, that can make this code ideal for the right use cases.


A Keyword is a unique term (letters and/or numbers) that people can use to communicate with you via a Short Code.

You purchase the Keyword MRXYZ from us, which we will setup on our shared Short Code 5667747. Your friends and customers can then send a message containing the Keyword MRXYZ to 5667747 to automatically join your Group Messaging list. Our software will respond to them for you, with a customizable message, confirming that they have joined (Opted-In) to your Group SMS list.


Mobile numbers which are registered with NDNC registry are called DND numbers


Alertbox offers you a customized solutions to all of your text messaging needs through our API.


As per TRAI regulation maximum sender id length is 6 characters.


We allow you to send SMS messages in bulk and you can theoretically send as many messages as you want. However, we limit the size of the files you upload to 4MB / 100000 mobile numbers, so it will depend on what other data you have in them.