Cloud Telephony

Cloud gets you closer to Heaven!!

Feel the heaven-like experience with Cloud Telephony – The technology that allows to move your business communication to the cloud. The smartest and cost efficient way to manage your business calls without compromising on quality.

Cloud Telephony assures scalable and reliable business communication solution without any additional CAPEX for setting up any additional infrastructure

Enhance Your Business Communications

Outbound Dialer

Manage and analyze the quality and quantity of the outbound calls from your organization to make informed decisions about plans for your sales/support/CRM team as well as for the entire organization.

Call Handling

Intelligent inbound call handling using custom-designed IVR for effective allocation of calls to designated departments/personnel and minimizing human interference.

Missed call Service

An ideal tool widely accepted and practiced for collecting feedback of campaigns, voting, lead generation, subscription generation, mobile verification and more - all that with just a simple missed call.

Toll Free Service

Overcome any monetary inhibitions your customer might have to reach to you by our toll free service. More customer interactions – more happy customers – more business. Simple Logic for a successful business.

Call Center

Freedom to set up a call center with no additional CAPEX, no geographical restrictions and no maintenance. Scalable to meet your growing requirement and rich data analytics to optimize employee efficiency.

How cloud telephony can change the way businesses communicate today?

Features of Cloud Telephony

More reliable compared to traditional methods

Quick set-up

Easy to scale

Avoid hassles and save cost by process automation.

24/7 accessibility from anywhere, any time

Lower operational costs: No infrastructure issues thus saving major CAPEX for start-ups

Flexible and can be easily integrated to other CRMs

Secure platform with built-in disaster recovery

Real-time data and detailed analytics

Adds business value: Professional set up with automated IVR flows that boost company image