OTP Alerts

Safe, Secure and
Simply the BEST

The ubiquity of mobile phones and advancement of technology have enabled its use for convenience as well as security purposes. OTP is a string of numeric or alpha-numeric code sent in real time as SMS to your registered mobile number for second factor authentication for a single transaction or session. Our robust hybrid platform allows you to send automated encrypted OTP for second factor authentication across multiple different platforms.

Easily integrated to any existing system using multiple different APIs of choice to manage with ease the entire business process including OTP generation and delivery, tracking and authentication.

Never compromise on Security

Secure transactions

Remembering passwords can be a hectic task for most of us. Life made easier with secure, encrypted OTPs for every transaction, login, validation, password reset and much much more. Say good bye to insecure transactions in the digital world.

Multi-channel OTP

Option to manage time-bound OTP on platforms such as E-mail, messaging and voice with the least termination time of 10 seconds or less.

Secure A P I

Secure verified robust API for hassle-free OTP validation/generation.

How does Our Alert OTP benefit your business?

Features of Alert OTP Solution

Securing Payment and Confirming Transactions

Secure Multiple Devices to One Account

Blocking Spammers and Bots Similar to Captcha Forms

Delivery Dropbox Authentication

Amending Your Self-Service Banking Profile and User Details

Authorize Upgrades

Reset Passwords

Reactivate Users

Securing Online Documents with Sensitive Information like Payslips, Medical Documents, Legal Documents